Friday, May 28, 2010

1977 mike jorgensen

o-pee-chee thought we should get a closer look at the expos' mike jorgensen in 1977. here's his 1977 o-pee-chee card:
here's the topps front:
now the o-pee-chee back:
and the topps back:
this will qualify as a photo variation, although the variety is just in the cropping. it's also an autograph placement variation because o-pee-chee moved the auto further up the card so it was more noticeable.

mike went to the expos in 1972 as part of the deal that sent le grand orange to the mets. in 1973, he won the national league gold glove, becoming the spacer between dodgers wes parker and steve garvey and their gold glove reign from 1967 through 1977. right about the time this card was released, jorgensen was on his way again, this time to the a's in exchange for stan bahnsen. jorgensen would also play for the rangers, mets (for the second time), and braves before finishing his career with the 1985 national league champion cardinals.

voici à vous, 1977 mike jorgensen!

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  1. That is a great card, Topps or O-Pee-Chee. It reminds me that I must complete the '77 set someday.