Monday, April 19, 2010

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i want this blog to become a definitive resource in all o-pee-chee variations from 1965 through 1992, but i figured i should mention the sources i have used to determine the number of variations in o-pee-chee sets from those years in order to allow for the possibility of incompleteness..

i own complete o-pee-chee sets for 1977, 1978, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1992.  i should say that i used to own the 1986 set, as i removed all the team and text variations, dodgers and a couple other cards and have been sending the rest out in team trades.  but i digress.

for those 9 years, i am completely confident that i have identified all of the team and text variations.  for the other types of variations, and for the other years, i have relied on multiple sources to identify the photo, autograph placement, checklist, and award variations.

they include:

the 22nd annual beckett baseball card price guide
the 2009 standard catalog of baseball cards, don fluckinger editor
o-pee-chee central

in going through my collection and scanning cards, i have found a few cards that were missed by some, or all, of those sources.  like the 1978 jim slaton and the 1992 eric davis and all of the 1989 cards except for roger mcdowell.  or cards that were listed as variations but in reality are not.  that stinks.  like this 1991 kenny rogers o-pee-chee card
(yes, that's the o-pee-chee version)  the books show it as a text variation, even though rogers didn't leave the rangers until after the 1995 season.

eventually i will post a list of all of the variations, by year, and would ask you to let me know if you are aware of others, particularly for the later years.  captain, tony - i'm looking at you guys.

thanks and hope you enjoy as we get ready for the fifth go around through the years of variations.


  1. okay, that's 0for2 with dodger fans and mail day.... i had a stack of opc varients packaged to send you tomorrow, but they were all '86,'87,'89.... I'll take those out now... maybe I've got some '90 or '91's somewhere...

  2. I have a complete 1983 set. Let me know if you need any scans