Monday, April 19, 2010

1992 gary carter tribute (expos 1974-1984)

the 1992 o-pee-chee set included a 5 card tribute subset to gary carter, the guy who would become the first expo hall of famer.  each card was a tribute to a different team/stage of his career, and the first one i'll show is his 1974-1984 expos tribute card
there's no similar card in the topps set, but here's the front of the topps card that was deleted from the o-pee-chee set:
now the o-pee-chee back:
and the displaced topps back:
carter had some great years for the expos during his first stint with the club.  he was a durable catcher who also played a little bit of outfield and first base.  his first expo tenure ended on a high in 1984 by leading the league in rbi and winning the all star game mvp award, for the second time i might add.  he joined steve garvey as the only player to accomplish that semi-impressive feat.  carter was a big reason the expos made the 1981 postseason, and he pretty much destroyed the phillies in the first round to get to the nlcs that year.  he played well against the dodgers, but didn't do a lot of damage, and never got close to the world series again, with the expos, that is.

voici à vous, 1992 gary carter tribute (expos 1974-1984)!

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