Sunday, May 9, 2010

1974 hank aaron special (1964 - 1965)

we're back to the hank aaron special variations in our rundown of 1974 o-pee-chee variations.  here's the 1974 hank aaron special (1964 - 1965) card
here's the equivalent topps front:
now the o-pee-chee back:
and the topps back:
i am calling this a photo variation because the o-pee-chee card has only two of the four card fronts that the topps issue has, and card number 6 in the topps set is also a hank aaron special, so there is no real call for it to be a checklist variation.

it's nice to see some variation in the poses topps used for aaron's cards - we all know there are several years where they used the same picture.  i especially like the text regarding aaron's 1962 season - although he didn't lead in any offensive category, he apparently led in being awesome.  that is awesome.  just like the card.

voici à vous, 1974 hank aaron special (1964 - 1965)!

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  1. So cool! Thanks for running down these OPC Aarons card-by-card. Their reordering of the first 9 cards, moving 3 players, and dropping 3 more is my favorite collecting "story" around the Topps / OPC partnership. Too bad Fregosi lost out on his Canadian card that year, considering he later managed in Toronto.