Sunday, June 27, 2010

1988 chili davis

in december of 1987, free agent chili davis signed with the california angels. here is his 1988 o-pee-chee card:
here's the topps front:
now the o-pee-chee back:
and the topps back:
davis had spent the first few seasons of his career with the giants playing mostly centerfield, but quickly converted to a rightfielder for the angels. eventually, davis would become a full time dh when he moved on to minnesota in 1991. after two years and a world championship, he returned to the angels for the 1993 season. the only non-dh appearance davis made that season was as a pitcher when he was called upon to pitch in a blowout against the texas rangers. in his 2 innings of work, davis allowed no runs or hits, although he did hit a batter - fellow dh jose canseco.

davis stayed with the angels until they traded him to the royals after the 1996 season. following one year in kansas city, he signed with the yankees, just in time to win two more rings in the final two years of his career.

voici à vous, 1988 chili davis!

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