Thursday, February 18, 2010

1990 alejandro pena

in 1990, o-pee-chee took some huge steps backwards.  even though they stopped doing team variations in 1988, they still had some originality that year and in 1989 through checklist variations while maintaining their individuality through the use of their logo in place of topps'.  not in 1990 though.  sadly, all that was left of o-pee-chee in 1990 was the text variation and, i suppose, the brighter card stock. 

to demonstrate, here's 1988 world series game 1 winner alejandro pena and his 1990 o-pee-chee card.
notice the topps logo.  sheer laziness i am afraid.  literally the only giveaway that this is o-pee-chee is the text variation (pena was traded from the dodgers, with mike marshall, to the mets for juan samuel). otherwise, good luck.

here's the topps front:
see?  identical.

now the o-pee-chee back:
thank goodness for the french!  the topps logo remains, but the card stock is brighter and the o-pee-chee copyright is there, too.

and the topps back:
both cards are number 483.  this time, it's not a coincidence.  o-pee-chee went to the full 792 card set in 1990, and matched topps' checklist card for card.

voici à vous, 1990 alejandro pena!

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