Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1982 dave lopes

dave lopes was the first member of the dodgers long-tenured infield to leave the team, and it wasn't by choice.  as o-pee-chee captured on his 1982 card, lopes was traded to the a's.
making this a team and text variation.  i like these types of variations, especially when different colors are used for different teams.  it mixes things up a bit.  with steve sax ready to take over at second for the dodgers, lopes was traded for lance hudson, a minor leaguer who never made it to the big leagues.

here's the topps front:
in addition to the different colored hockey sticks, o-pee-chee changed out the logo on the front as they had done beginning in 1979.  the 1982 o-pee-chee set was only 396 cards strong (exactly half of the 792 for topps), and it did not match the numbering of the topps set at all.

here's the o-pee-chee back of lopes' card
still brighter than topps.  the card is number 218 in the set, and, as usual, the 'acquired' line is not updated to include the trade from the dodgers.  also interesting that the 1982 set (both o-pee-chee and topps) did not include team affiliation on the back.

here's the back of the topps card
740 in the set.  i still prefer the o-pee-chee backs as they are easier to read.  why topps went with the darker green backs and bluish text so often is beyond me.

voici à vous, 1982 dave lopes!


  1. O-Pee-Chee is slowly becoming a fun curios brand to me, thanks to your blog.

    I love how the front of the card has 2eme-But, but it has no other French on the card LOL

    About the numbering of this set...they had to cut it in half, but do you know if the players are still in the same order as in the Topps set?

  2. the numbering of the opc set doesn't match the first half of the topps set. it seems to be pretty random, although pretty much all of the stars of the day made the set.