Monday, February 1, 2010

1970 - the year of the french

thanks to the 'official languages act' of 1969, the o-pee-chee cards issued in 1970 had a major difference from their topps counterparts.  no, the fronts of the o-pee-chee versions
were still identical to the topps versions
but the backs came with french!
notice there is no translation for 'boom'.  apparently onomatopoeia is exempt from the act.  there are no variations in the 1970 o-pee-chee set, which mirrored the topps checklist from 1-546.  just smaller (and bilingual) text on the back, with a minor style adjustment.  here's the topps back for comparison 
notice that the copyright on both cards is stil 't.c.g.'.  there is no mention of o-pee-chee as a brand anywhere on these cards.

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