Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1989 world series (mark mcgwire)

three days after kirk gibson ended a game of the 1988 world series with a home run, mark mcgwire did the same.  o-pee-chee preserved the moment for us on this 1989 card
there is no topps front to compare this card to, as topps did not include a world series subset in their set.  very strange for o-pee-chee to do it since neither the expos nor the blue jays were involved.  so, it's a checklist variation in the same way yesterday's delino deshields card is.

now the o-pee-chee back:
i am pretty sure this was a day game, and i know i didn't watch it.  the dodgers were up 2 games to none heading to oakland, and this a's victory seemed to bring the a's back into contention.  i do remember a friend telling me as such, but i told him since i didn't see the game, it didn't really happen.  two dodger victories later and the world championship was secured.

voici à vous, 1989 world series (mark mcgwire)!

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  1. Nice. I never knew about this card. I had totally forgotten about the DeShields card, too, but the really awkward picture on the front is familiar to me now.