Friday, March 30, 2012

1992 ron tingley

ron tingley is the second of the angels' backstops to get no love from topps in 1992. here is his 1992 o-pee-chee card:
and here's the back:
tingley and john orton both lacked cards in the topps set, and mike fitzgerald, their other primary catcher in 1992 was still with the expos (and failed to get a text variation indicating that he was on his way to california). that means that the three primary angels' catchers in 1992 were not recognized as such by topps. to answer the obvious question, lance parrish was the only catcher featured by topps as an angel in their 1992 flagship release, and he and greg myers were the only other catchers on the halos' roster that year.

as for tingley, he had played in 45 games for the angels in 1991, but like orton, he surpassed that total in 1992 as he saw action in 71 games. he hit 3 homers and threw out 45% of the runners who dared try to steal against him.

here's the topps card that tingly threw out of the o-pee-chee set - front:
and back:
too bad there was no inter league play in 1992 - tingley might have thrown hojo out for real!

voici à vous, 1992 ron tingley!

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