Saturday, December 10, 2011

1989 world series (kirk gibson)

in 1989, o-pee-chee one-upped topps and included a 1988 world series subset on their checklist. we've seen all but one so far, and here is the last - it's the game 1 recap (sorry - premier match) featuring, of course, kirk gibson:
 here's the back:
what more is there to say about this card? it is awesome. it's also the last of the variations from the 1989 o-pee-chee set. another year down.

voici à vous, 1989 world series (kirk gibson)!


  1. It's funny how they numbered the World Series cards. I realize that they're scattered throughout the set because they replaced the checklists, but you'd think they'd replace the lowest checklist card with Game 1 and work up from there.

    I'm new to posting, but not to reading... I don't let more than a day or two go by without checking to see your card of the day. I've already got the Gary Carter Tributes and a couple of the 1971 and 1977 variations , but I've decided to collect all of the photo variations as well as the cards which don't have a Topps equivalent.

    Thank you for your efforts, they're greatly appreciated!

  2. thanks for your comment (and for reading). let me know if you need help - i have a bunch of doubles!