Friday, December 2, 2011

1985 jim fanning

jim fanning, the first general manager in the history of the expos, twice was brought in to finish the season as their field manager. the first time, in 1981, he replaced dick williams and led montreal to the postseason for the first (and only) time. he stayed on as manager and guided the team to a third place finish in 1982, after which he returned to the front office as the vice president in charge of player development and bill virdon was hired to manage the team. however, fanning was again called upon to take over the team on the field after virdon was fired with 30 games remaining in the 1984 season. after the end of that season, fanning again returned to the front office, as this 1985 o-pee-chee text variation card tells us:
here's the topps front:
now the o-pee-chee back:
and the topps back:
buck rodgers was brought in to lead the expos on the field, and fanning successfully remained in the front office. now, i know with the bobby cox 1986 text variation i stretched a bit and used the 'now with' label. for this one, that doesn't apply as fanning didn't leave the organization. so, like the 1984 warren cromartie, i need to do something different. therefore, we have the only 'now vice president, player development and scouting' variation. fanning eventually left montreal in the 1990's to scout for the rockies and then became an assistant gm for the blue jays.

voici à vous, 1985 jim fanning!


  1. And plenty of variations on the checklist on the back.

  2. eric - thanks for pointing that out. the 'now with expos' players for 1985 are featured on the checklist, without uniform numbers.