Saturday, October 8, 2011

1977 lou brock

lou brock did not switch teams or have an all-star banner removed from his 1977 o-pee-chee card.  no, he just gets to suffer the smallest of variations - a slight difference in cropping and an adjustment in the placement of his facsimilie autograph.  wanna see?  here is his 1977 o-pee-chee card:
here's the topps front:
now the o-pee-chee back:
and the topps back:
the best part about these cards, however, is brock's helmet.  i don't think even the pirates striped their helmets.

1977 was brock's last year as the cardinals' regular left fielder, although he did appear in 120 games in 1979, his final season.  he scored his 1500th career run in '77, and also led the league in times caught stealing for the 7th and final time of his career.  he did still manage to steal 35 bases, however.  and at 38 years old to boot!

voici à vous, 1977 lou brock!

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