Thursday, April 5, 2012

1992 mark grant

mark grant, who did not pitch in the big leagues in 1991 due to injury, was left off of topps' checklist in 1992.  o-pee-chee didn't forget about him, though.  here's his 1992 o-pee-chee card; the front:
and the back:
although i applaud o-pee-chee for giving mark grant a card in their set when topps did not, they missed an opportunity to create a checklist and a text variation as grant signed a free agent deal with the mariners in december of 1991.  in seattle, grant was 2-4 in 23 appearances (10 starts).  after the season, grant signed with the astros and pitched well for them before he was traded to the rockies during the 1993 campaign.

here's the card grant displaced from the topps set - bobby bonilla's all-star card; front:
and back:
seems about right - grant struck bonilla out in five of his sixteen match ups.

voici à vous, 1992 mark grant!

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