Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1976 - the final year of complacency

in 1976, o-pee-chee took what topps gave them and didn't ask any questions.  the checklist is identical, and there are no variations.  steve yeager is kind enough to show us the printing problems that are so common with o-pee-chee cards - rough edges, off centering, even an occasional crookedness.

here's the topps version, looking all straight and even and smooth

the colors in the photos on the topps cards are a bit duller than the o-pee-chee ones, which is probably due to the difference in card stock.  the brightness of the o-pee-chee cards is really evident on the backs of the cards.

bilingual wes parker factoid!  notice that the trademark info is 'opc' rather than 'tcg'.  1972 was the first year to include that minor change.  here's the topps back:

i actually prefer the o-pee-chee backs. the stats are way easier to read.

1976 would be the last year without any sort of variations (even 1990, the topps-iest o-pee-chee set ever, has text variations).  maybe mr. o-pee-chee was disappointed in himself after this release because he went hog wild in 1977!

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