Monday, January 18, 2010

1966 - variation free, even though topps was not!

similar to the 1965 set, the 1966 o-pee-chee release features an exact copy of the topps checklist, although it is limited to only 196 cards.  one of those cards is jim brewer, number 158 in the set.

here's the topps front:

strange that my o-pee-chee version is in (much) better shape than my topps version.  estimates are that o-pee-chee's print run was just 5% or so of topps in any given year, so you would think i would have found a nicer topps card for the dodger reliever.

here's the o-pee-chee back:

still the 'tcg' copyright, but the 'ptd. in canada' is the mark of o-pee-chee - the only discerning mark in 1966, although the card stock is a bit different.

here's the back of the topps version:

it's worth noting that, while the 1966 topps set did have some minor variations, the o-pee-chee set did not.  it features only the more common versions of the variations found in the topps set, which have to do with the text on the back.  for instance, there were two versions of the 1966 topps bob uecker card.  the common version includes the 'traded' line on the back mentioning that he was traded from the cardinals to the phillies in the offseason, and the rarer variation does not include this text.  in the o-pee-chee set, only the common version is represented for uecker and three other players - merritt ranew (card 62), dick groat (card 103) and alex johnson (card 104).


  1. Interesting info on the 1966 OPC. There were difference in some of the OPC cards. I have a # 11 Craig/Alyea card. The Topps is Craig/Nen. I have not reviewed the remainder of the OPC set - there still could be other differences.

    1. wayne - the only topps card i've seen at number 11 from 1966 is also craig/alyea. dick nen has his own card later in the set. i think the craig/nen card is from 1965 at number 466.